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Voice of Bold Business Radio

Aug 10, 2018

We hear about creative thinking ... but do we really employ the practice to increase our opportunities for success? Where we can use the same steps to work through a problem, we can insert creative thinking to expand options and create possibility. Jess Dewell talks with Colleen Miller about using creative thinking.

Aug 7, 2018

Sometimes we travel the tough road to get to where we want to go. Colorado Women’s Education Foundation (CWEF) provides a support system for women who are in need of financial and community support to achieve their dreams, enhance their leadership, and make a bigger contribution to the world. Jess Dewell talks with...

Aug 3, 2018

Change is hard. We’ve put roots down, we’ve accepted the actions to take … and we find that we are either uprooted; that things change faster than we thought possible; or even that we must change to continue growing. Jess Dewell hosts panelists Jade Alexander and Christine L. Bowen to discuss secrets to achieve...

Aug 1, 2018

It is important to look at the actions we take each day. Each choice has an outcome we don’t know … yet our mindset comes from the way we approach problems and the actions we choose. Jess Dewell will share the importance of being more aware of the situations we find ourselves in and how to align prioritizing what we...