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Bold Business Podcast

Jul 13, 2023

What you are drawn to is a clue to how you can add value to the world around you. Regardless of scale, each purposeful action and intention creates an opportunity for you or another to keep moving an idea forward. Wherever your curiosity takes you and the problems you choose to work on, be intentional. 

It takes commitment to keep chipping away at an idea that results in an intuitive, easy, and top-of-mind-to-use product that improves our lives.

The idea, the research, reshaping the idea, having a working proof of concept, and refining each moving part can take a long time. Even so, the work results at each step have a significant impact, too.

In a conversation with Jess Dewell, Sufian Chowdhury, the CEO and Co-Founder of Kinetik, discusses how his passion for problem-solving has led to the development of a healthcare solution that aims to improve communities and the world.


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