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Bold Business Podcast

Nov 18, 2016

There are actions we avoid that impact our results. Doing that limits our achievement, holds us back, and creates undue stress. What do we really mean when we say we are busy? How is it perceived by others? And in the end, does busy equate to results? Leaders discuss this question and more.

But I'm Busy - Leaders DiscussThe start of the conversation...

What's the difference between busy work and heavy-lifting work?

Host: Jessica DewellPanel: Carmen Rojas, Cynthia Bazen, Joel Dawson

What You Will Hear:

Things we need to do and things we may not need to do.

Check in on what may be busy work - evaluate does it move me forward?

Decide what will and won't do.

Conversion and brand awareness.

Try things out. Collaborate...and then evaluate.

3 Stories about conversion.

Prioritization is a skill. Tips for how to prioritize.

When the value needs to be defined is business or productivity comes into play.

Productivity is defined by the group - our teams create a shared meaning.

Changes in responsibility bring new things to learn, to do different.

Ways we model responsibility.

As soon as we delegate - we are developing a person's work skills.

Only ask of others what will do ourself.

Tips to release control.

Notable & Quotable

Cynthia Bazin: The things we MUST do like building relationships doing the calls.

Carmen Rojas: Smaller pieces of life may be important for what's important.

Joel Dawson: The heavy lifting is what puts money in the bank.

Carmen Rojas: Avoid the dark hole of busy work.

Joel Dawson: You can speak until your tongue falls out, and converting it to speaking fees is another story.

Jessica Dewell: Prioritization is a skill.

Cynthia Bazin: We each have our own secret sauce of what makes us productive.

Carmen Rojas: Prioritize to available resources.

Joel Dawson: I take things off the list that don't get done - obviously its not important.

Jessica Dewell: I choose things that move me toward my end goal - each day.

Cynthia Bazin: I model responsibility by walking the walk.


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