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Bold Business Podcast

Jun 6, 2024

Stop trying to fit into a box that was never meant for you. This conversation is built on owning your truth and creating a life that resonates with your core values. The secret to unstoppable self-discipline? It might start with the promises you make to others.


Your aspirations might require a reality check to prevent them from fading away, and to ensure you don't inadvertently drift further from them. It's simple to follow a plan, build habits, and even achieve, but if you're not truly living in the process, it's likely that you're trapped in norms that don't benefit you.


This program is designed to help you claim your commitment to yourself and others. It includes giving up the good, learning the nuances of time and energy management, and developing the skills necessary to succeed. The cumulative benefit is reaching your biggest long-term goals while staying true to yourself along the way.


Jess Dewell talks with Bolanle Williams-Olley, CFO of Mancini Duffy, about the importance of defying 'norms' to reach one's goals and why it is BOLD to defy norms.  




If you want to identify business bottlenecks, the necessary skills, the initial actions to take, the expected milestones, and the priorities for achieving growth, try the "Growth Framework Reset" approach. This will help you to keep learning and growing while working strategically on your business.


You can get in touch with Jess Dewell on TwitterLinkedIn or Red Direction website.