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Bold Business Podcast

Oct 19, 2023

Formalized or not, we all seek points of view (maybe even validation) to check ourselves. Being on the right track, getting results, and making the best decisions are weighty responsibilities. By default, it is commonly thought that confidence comes from knowledge. In actuality, confidence comes from being tuned in. 


How do you make the right decision at the right time? Have an outside set of eyes. This could be coaches and consultants asking the hard questions that enable you to develop yourself and your approach and your confidence in making decisions to propel you toward your biggest goals. The more we can separate ourselves from the influences of people, situations, and tasks that seem urgent — the more we can assess to prioritize the right work.


In this program, you will hear three ways to measure success (and choose the metrics to measure), how to change the point of view to find the real problems, and that even when it doesn’t feel like it — you can choose what work to prioritize. Jess Dewell hosts Catherine Morgan, Transition Expert at Point A to Point B Transitions; Christie Garcia, Founder & Ego Management Expert at Mindful Choice; and Dave Newell, President at Evolve Leadership Consulting, to talk about the importance of having an outside set of eyes on your business and what makes it bold to bring in external perspectives to shape your business strategy.


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You can get in touch with Jess Dewell on TwitterLinkedIn or Red Direction website.