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Bold Business Podcast

Apr 4, 2024

Business longevity results from tenacity, small wins that compound, and saying “no” decisively. When you shape your decisions with nonnegotiables providing constraints, there is less to evaluate with regard to removing overwhelm and freeing up time to spend doing the real deep work necessary to build a thriving business. 


Effective communication is necessary to maximize the compounding effect of your choices. That comes from clearly articulating and sharing more than the vision, including the nonnegotiables for the way to do work. It can be difficult to persist, yet sticking to your decisions and continuously taking the next step illuminates the best possible next step to take. This effort compounds and the small wins add up.


In this program, you will hear how the foundation to grow — including what you don’t do — is necessary to look to the future, about the importance of consistently coming back to work even when it is hard, and that willpower and effort create momentum to push forward.


Quentin Ortega, Founder and Lead Consultant at QCO Consulting, Christy Maxfield, President and CEO at Purpose First Advisors, and your host Jess Dewell, Managing Partner at Red Direction, discuss accountability and how consistent action is THE factor in achieving your biggest goals.



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You can get in touch with Jess Dewell on TwitterLinkedIn or Red Direction website