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Bold Business Podcast

Nov 2, 2023

What’s your organization’s mantra? Can you see the understanding of this driving focus in the way your company makes decisions, its presentation in the marketplace, and the way the team does work? Both software and hardware technologies (including robotics and drones) are opportunities for your organization to remain competitive while achieving your biggest goals. 


Technology always has and will continue to impact how we work. This can be exciting! It does require a desire to change when change is suitable for the organization. This is just one of the tools that allow us to solve bigger and more complex problems together because technology is just that — a tool. 


When the CEO includes the core functions in growth initiatives, every individual, team, and department can be empowered to do their best work and take pride in their accomplishments.


In this program, you will learn the three skills necessary to succeed as the CEO of a thriving customer-centric organization, two stories about relationships learned the hard way, and the importance of making the right decisions (versus making as many decisions as possible). 


Jess Dewell talks with Harry Drajpich, CEO at Amware Fulfillment, about using the right tools and cultivating the right mindset to be effective today and to expand faster than the market to keep and grow market share.




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