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Bold Business Podcast

Apr 20, 2023

Every business has inefficiencies and deficiencies, and having this reality clearly in mind is necessary to determine how to grow your business from the inside. Investing energy and resources into who you already have on your team is a time commitment. 

Of course, once you hire the right people, the imperative becomes understanding how their goals change over time, what they seek, and where they can grow to support the changes in your business.

Choosing deliberately to ask more questions that request reflection, confirm understanding, and uncover your team's goals will provide insight into the business growth decisions you make.

In this program, you will learn the importance of taking time to connect with the people in your company; which questions to ask to start being more intentional in communicating exactly where you are; and why it is essential to know what your team thinks is happening versus what is happening. 

Jess Dewell talks with Tina Ramey, Partner at VolkBell HR Services, about why intentional communication is BOLD to embrace for business growth.


If you want to continue to look for inspiration to creatively or innovatively approach decision-making and problem-solving, use the experiences of other business owners who have created great companies.

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