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Bold Business Podcast

Mar 28, 2024

Adapt! Change! Evolve! These are the three things necessary to create a lasting business. The fuel for success is determining your business purpose — that as the company develops and evolves, it continues to be fulfilling even as customers and technologies change. 


The insight that reflection brings is highly undervalued. Many of us use data to reflect on what happened before and where we are now, and how we look forward is based on numbers. What about you? Your team? Your customers? 


Reflection allows you to see and feel how you have changed so you can fully respond to the way those around you have changed. Leading a company denotes the expectation of being an example. The more you are willing to acknowledge shortcomings, desires, and strengths … the more insight you can bring to coaching for personal growth at every level.


Jess Dewell talks with J.J. Parker, co-founder and CEO of  Tightrope Media Systems which makes the Carousel Digital Signage Software and Cablecast Community Media products. Discussion is about creating a lasting business by focusing on bringing people together to do their best work. Tune in to learn the importance of founding values, business purpose, and self-awareness in leading a company through multiple changes and focusing on your company's current state and future goals to adapt and thrive. 


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