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Bold Business Podcast

Feb 24, 2017

In addition to being a First Lady, Eleanore Roosevelt served at the United Nations, focusing on human rights and women's issues and She worked on behalf of the League of Women Voters. Like any leader, she had people that disliked her and people that loved her. Her impact still is felt today through her words and the roles she modeled. Jessica Dewell hosts this Leader’s Discuss panel featuring Debra Oakland and Lori King.

Program 34 - Lead With DreamsStarting the Conversation…

  • “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanore Roosevelt
  • Dreams and leadership, they are intertwined.

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Host:  Jessica Dewell

Panel:  Lori King, Debra Oakland

What You Will Hear:

Eleanore Roosevelt created a pathway for women, left a legacy for us to build on.

How we view our lives - choice for fulfillment.

Personal and business are part of the acts in life. What are we doing? What are the actions?

Recognition of self-imposed limitations.

“No one can make you inferior without your consent.” - Eleanore Roosevelt

Break the change and choose different behavior.

Look at the progress making each day - even if it is s.l.o.w.

Vulnerability and fear of hiding.

Stepping back and being aware of where we are right now.

A regular check-in is necessary to see if on right path.

Book resource: Three Feet From Gold

Recognize when we’ve arrived - and achieved our goals.

Catch ourself in ‘busy.’

“NOW: Naturally Occurring Wonder” - Debra Oakland

About Change your Movie, Change Your Life.

“Everything you need to know, you know. Everything you need to have, you have…You know what you need to do” - Notes from the Universe.

Problem solving and the unexpected. Tips to shift, change, and practice.

Get over the asking, and ask for help.

Break the cycle to move forward.

Notable & Quotable:

Debra Oakland: If you don’t believe in the beauty of your dreams, who will?

Debra Oakland: My passion shows up rhythmically throughout my life.

Debra Oakland: Honor every woman who is paling the way for us by dancing to our own rhythm and living the beauty of our dreams.

Lori King: I am an introvert that can come totally out of my shell with social media.

Lori King: In act one of my life I was dancing to someone else’s tune. Because, yes…I could do it.

Lori King: Not only do you have to have the dream, you need to take the actions to bring the dream to life.

Jessica Dewell: Understanding the pain and accepting pain is part of conscious choice.

Debra Oakland: Our story does not define us.

Jessica Dewell: When everything is a struggle, a small shift to move things around provides new insight.

Lori King: I was doing the right things, but kept hitting road blocks - I recognized the clues to look deeper.

Jessica Dewell: When we are not acknowledging our accomplishments and see the impact - we are missing out on a true person-to-person connection.

Debra Oakland: Be the observer in your own life.

Jessica Dewell: There is a skill that they are afraid of, or they didn’t have a chance to practice…and that skill is problem solving.

Lori King: No control over what just happened. So, let it go. Power is in the present moment.

Debra Oakland: What ingredient can I use, since I don’t have the one I need, to make this dish sing? I problem solve.

Jessica Dewell: First, notice.


  • Change Your Movie, Change Your Life
  • Three Feet From Gold

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