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Bold Business Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

Use whatever time it takes to be confident you are asking the right question(s). Then, stay on track by reflecting regularly (we recommend using Present Retreat™). And practice clarity to meet challenges that will test your leadership. Jess presents these elements of correlating KPIs to goals to your overarching...

Apr 9, 2020

In this interview Andy Podner, CEO of Atlas Precision Consulting, shares the importance of using past learning, understanding what assumptions are being made, and how those assumptions become part of decisions. Knowing your true north matters, and your values set the guide posts for what the best options are for your...

Apr 1, 2020

In this interview with Jen Olson, we talk about the reality of being plunged into something totally different and some ways to approach the challenges unique to each of us. Especially when we feel blind-sided - and didn't see change coming - how we show up is an indicator of the strength of our leadership.