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Bold Business Podcast

Jul 28, 2022

Small, meaningful conversations use existing hope for a more significant positive impact on your future. Breaking down barriers never happens in ideal moments; however, you can still make the most of each interaction.

In this episode of BOLD Business Podcast, you will hear about prompts to evaluate what holds you back,...

Jul 21, 2022

Growth happens in sprints. Defining the beginning, middle, and end of a business growth sprint is necessary for the wellness of you and your team. 

Mental sharpness is critical to participating in and leading high-performance teams. Recognizing what resources are needed to build and grow a high-performance team requires...

Jul 14, 2022

When to have the answer and when to seek the answer is a skill that we forever hone. Asking for help means considering the problem, what we want to have happen, and what it will take to make those goals happen.

Listen in to hear about a three part framework for knowing when you have the answer, or when you are seeking...

Jul 7, 2022

Time is scarce. What we do with our time models the rest of our company, and sets up the priorities. As we strive to collect and assess the right data to make the right decisions, the actions we take influence the performance and legitimacy of our organizations. 

On this episode, Jess Dewell welcomes Kurian M. Tharakan,...