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Bold Business Podcast

Dec 13, 2016

Lessons learned come from reflection, a look back. We explore where we were to get where we are. It’s a moment of clarity that a line is drawn in the sand. We dig in and know what skills we have and what we need to move forward. Its a choice to stop talking, consider, and then take action.

Program 16 - Leveraged LessonsStarting the conversation...

  • Whats one of your lesson-learned stories and the gift that came from it?
  • Aesop’s Fable of Belling The Cat.

Host: Jessica Dewell    Panel: Joel Dawson



What You Will Hear:

If I market to you, you are a prospect. NO!

Two things that makes a prospect, a prospect.

External approval squashes us more than it lifts us.

Acceptance vs approval and Maslow’s Hierarchy.

Calm knowing - the talk stops when action happens.

It’s hard to make choices, and we must make some decisions by ourself.

Choosing more than one thing - the outcome isn’t what we expect.

It comes down to our personal values and sense of self for a filter.

Model our behavior and values from our life and what we want from life.

Our personal values inform our professional choices.

Old habits, new situations. Draw on our past to show up today.

High stress, quick response - auto respond with conditioning.

Recognize energy build up in ourselves and what we do about it.

Intentional action tips.

Stick to your decision and act in line with it.

Use what you know.

What we do with information.

Check ourselves and challenge our habits.


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