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Bold Business Podcast

Feb 15, 2024

Embrace repetition. It changes more than your own perspective (clarity!) with understanding. Your business goals have a higher chance of completion with higher quality outcomes when everyone is moving in the same direction.


Measurement and results directly relate to how well you, and your team, understand the goal. Intentional and inevitably repetitive communication is a reminder of the direction everyone is going — together. Listening, working through obstacles, and recommitting to the goal on a regular cadence is a disciplined framework to get more work done and reach more success.


In this program, you will hear:

  • How to remove problems by listening well and then intentionally communicating

  • The four key questions to guide performance

  • How repetition is part of successfully being accountable to your biggest goals


Jess Dewell talks with Jeff Eschliman, CEO and Executive Coach, about how discipline drives CEO success.


If you want to identify business bottlenecks, the necessary skills, the initial actions to take, the expected milestones, and the priorities for achieving growth, try the "Growth Framework Reset" approach. This will help you keep learning and growing while working strategically on your business.


You can get in touch with Jess Dewell on TwitterLinkedIn or Red Direction website.