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Bold Business Podcast

Dec 16, 2016

It is our responsibility to think. What is actually real and known today is what we use to make decisions. Allowing uncertainty to stall or inhibit our ability to act limits success. (And, when we decide for others, we inhibit their ability to step up. We want the right result. We want to be free. Listen in and find out what Les Dossey and Jessica Dewell talk about for building a beginners mind and a filter to evaluate options.

Program 17 - The Freedom of a LeaderStarting the Conversation...

  • When we understand, know, and practice thinking, we are able to be present in our situation.
  • Thinking allows us to be who we are (playing all-in).
  • Handle situations where miscommunication, complication, and even drama to crop up.

Host: Jessica Dewell    Co-host: Les Dossey





What You Will Hear:

Three kinds of entrepreneurs.

Attributes of clean thinking.

Use of reasoning.

Challenge assumptions.

What we take away from lessons.

Skills for clean thinking.

Certainty and uncertainty through action.

Keep up with what’s happening.

Build in thinking time.

Difference between feeling things that are measurable vs momentum and resources assessment.

What kinds of questions would people looking at your business have?

Define a beginner’s mind.

Serendipity and business.

Acknowledge the raven that stopped by.

Skills for a beginner’s mind.

Non-judgement and noticing.

Take the time to think, notice, accept, and put effort in finding the right result.

The more we try something - and practice our skills - the easier it becomes.

The value of being free. Perspective.

Notable & Quotable

Les Dossey: I work with ambitious entrepreneurs.

Les Dossey: I had half of a lesson.

Jessica Dewell: Organizations are dependent on relationships.

Jessica Dewell: There is effort in work to be done.

Les Dossey: The hardest part an entrepreneur has is thinking.

Jessica Dewell: I use thinking time to identify opportunities, problems, and dream up what’s to be discovered.

Les Dossey: A challenge is that that we become too certain in what is or isn’t.

Jessica Dewell: Something to be said for the saying the slower we go the more we get done.

Jessica Dewell: The courage to decide on an action.

Les Dossey: Skills are a muscle. If we practice it becomes easy.

Jessica Dewell: What’s right for the situation might not have come up yet.

Les Dossey: If I want more freedom - I have to practice giving everyone around me to be what it is.


Wait But Why - by Tim Gordon about Elon Musk

Ravens give gifts

quote: The successful person of the 21st century will not be the person who can read, write and collage

Learn, unlearn very quickly…

quote: When the facts change, I change my mind

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