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Bold Business Podcast

Nov 22, 2016

These days, there’s a mindset for everything…success, millionaire, money, influence, love, life, global, growth, learning, discipline…even I put mindset in front of creativity for the work I do. Think about how many kids books there are about overcoming obstacles, being ok with who we are and what we look like, what it takes to be active in our society. The last self help or personal development book you read most likely contained a variation of one of the themes in kids books. We spend immense amounts of energy throughout our lives to protect what we believe. Is that the most energy effective? Mindset Matters explores this question.  

Starting the conversation...

  • We spend immense amounts of energy throughout our lives to protect what we believe.
  • There seems to be a mindset for everything.

Host: Jessica Dewell

What You Will Hear:

Toothpaste and habits that close us off to new ideas.

Open and closed mindset.

The language we use shapes what we think.

Safety and the way we think - what we dig our heels in about.

Praise and the persona we accept. Self sabotage to keep that story.

What our identity is tied to.

Do more with less. What’s out of our control and how we adapt.

Adaptability matters.

4 types of mindset outlined by Carol Dweck in her book Mindset.

What do you do to grow and stay open?

Questioning and pushing past what’s normal.

Know what makes us defensive.

See a reaction and choose to move forward or to make a change.

How we work may change, yet projects still take time to complete (it’s not instantaneous).

Set our own expectation of how work happens.

Know there is a problem, and start there (the steps are the same regardless of mindset).

Steps to problem solving stay the same in every situation.

Observe and notice what's happening around us.

Let go of what isn’t part of who we are anymore.

Evaluate what we choose to do and who we choose to be around.

Skills: emotion management, problem solving, willingness, observation, confidence, courage, planning

Notable & Quotable

Jessica Dewell: Unless we open up, we won’t grow.

Jessica Dewell: As a leader we have a responsibility to understand the mindsets of those around us.

Jessica Dewell: What are you going to do about [that are out of our control]?

Jessica Dewell: Resistance may be coming from those around us, not from within us.

Jessica Dewell: To make it as easy as possible for customers means a lot of work behind the scenes.

Jessica Dewell: It’s more fun to share books and authors that I know and have read that impact me.

Jessica Dewell: If we allow ourself to be defined by others, we are limiting ourself.

Jessica Dewell: Be willing to get uncomfortable.

Jessica Dewell: Start [building skills] with small things - day to day activities.


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