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Bold Business Podcast

Jan 24, 2017

The more solid we are in what we know, what we have, and what we want, as business leaders, we are poised to achieve the success we want. As John Wooden said: It takes time to create excellence. If it could be done quickly, more people would do it.” Common problems around lack of action: the vision is held by a single person, the teams strengths are not put to highest use, and that the processes are locked inside the heads of people (and not documented).

Program 25 - Align Intention & ActionStarting The Conversation…

  • Action is subjective.
  • We can get lost in concepts when thinking about Intention and Action.

Host: Jessica Dewell Cohost: Stephanie Sims

What You Will Hear:

Mental check - where do you sync up with this conversation or not?

What’s missing when we DON’T see results?

Intention around communicating what the company stands for.

Definition of value. How value impacts business.

Effectively delegate and trust work will be completed the right way.

We might be the cause of the problem.

Articulate what the company stands for.

What if? Can we clarify? Are we on the same page?

Solutions come from what’s shared with the team solving the problem.

Look below the surface - we have biases.

Sometimes the focus is less on the HOW.

Moving, but not our original path, and if on target to the goals.

Problems - us or them? Leaders keep midrange vision.

Where we start: long long term, immediate tasks, or the systems.

Quote: There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

Shift and change adaptability is required as a leader - it’s an intention.

Our identity and our work as leaders. (Feelings have a place and are useful data to find problems.)

Mission is what we do and how we get it delivered.

Our strengths, our impact. Stress around business reviews (and employee reviews).

Space to develop employees skills and work on their strengths to achieve the mission and long term impact.

Efficiency and optimization are not enough anymore. Useful matters too.

Notable & Quotable:

Stephanie Sims: Intention is one of the central elements of value in your business.

Jessica Dewell: Let’s look at what we already have.

Jessica Dewell: Start with a question.

Stephanie Sims: We wall have our own biases. Observe without judgement.

Stephanie Sims: It can be hard to recognize activity (in and of itself) is not always progress.

Stephanie Sims: When you’ve got things that work well, they still need to go the same direction.

Jessica Dewell: Ask…What has my own experience been?

Jessica Dewell: I see the vision so far out, when we are off track I have confidence the direction work back toward the end game.

Stephanie Sims: When we are used to use every aspect of talent, it is hard to recognize what our best and highest use is.

Jessica Dewell: Someone has to say ‘This is what we do.’

Stephanie Sims: We need to know what we want [as leaders] so people can decide if they want it too.

Jessica Dewell: We all have responsibilities, own them.

Stephanie Sims: What do you see that we could do better?

Jessica Dewell: Actions build trust.

Stephanie Sims: Create a space to hear feedback.

Jessica Dewell: Action by itself can gain traction, without intention there is no direction.

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