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Bold Business Podcast

Feb 14, 2017

It is on the rare occasion we truly look inward and look at what we think and how we act. The way we think informs the action we take toward ourselves and others. The way we think shapes how we face adversity. The way we think comes out in the way we talk. We’ve all had stories in our life where we’ve won out over adversity and where we’ve withdrawn in the face of it. Jessica hosts this Lead in Business Today program featuring Diana Elizabeth Jordan.

Program 31 - Notable ImpactStarting The Conversation…

  • Personal responsibility and Accountability for our own actions.
  • Reflect with the intent to learn and grow.
  • Diversity - what it is and why it matters.

Host: Jessica Dewell

Guest: Diana Elizabeth Jordan

What You Will Hear:

The importance of knowing what you want - and going after it with what you have.

What we have and our ability to empower others (be an activist).

The answer to the question: what is the strangest and most notable thing you’ve done, and how did it impact your life after the fact?

Diversity is a broad spectrum: culture, income, and even disability.

We might be diverse, yet do we use the full definition of what diversity includes?

When we follow the rules even when it doesn’t feel good.

Agree to disagree.

Discussion of empathy.

Chose carefully about what we say - relating to judgement.

Social justice defined.

Equal without equality.

Diversity in Diana’s words.

It’s easy to get stuck when we are only with like-minded people. And how it relates to our identity.

Beware of assumptions. It’s likely we don’t have the whole story.

Looking back, what could change to get a different action for different outcome.

Changes are happening.

Starting with us we must speak up. And then, how can the outcome I want benefit the community we belong to.

Notable & Quotable:

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: I have been fighting adversity since the day was born.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan:  Use performing arts to entertain, impact, and empower audiences.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: It’s important that action prompts action. I want to see things move forward.

Jessica Dewell: More and more people are finding their courage and standing up for who they are.

Jessica Dewell: Why not show our weaknesses to the world? It strengthens who we are [as perceived by other people].

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: I like to have dialog to be able to listen and seek understanding.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: We have a rainbow of diversity, and it includes people that don’t think like we do.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: Empathy is when I know I don’t need to be right.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: Social Justice is working toward the goal of equality.

Jessica Dewell: We can be treated equal, but that does’t mean it’s equality because it doesn’t incorporate what makes us unique.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: Diversity is embracing all the differences.

Jessica Dewell: Consciously challenge ourselves to make sure don’t forget we feel good by being surrounded by like-minded people, we don’t see (and hear) all sides.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: one opinion we hear in the media doesn’t mean the entire group feels and believes it.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: Diversity includes disability. Disability is diverse.

Diana Elizabeth Jordan: I take action on behalf of my community. We need to see more action in my industry.

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