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Bold Business Podcast

Feb 28, 2017

When we are busy and our schedules are full make it hard to pause and look at our goals. Look at when our intention (the goals we set) match our action (what problems we are solving). The only way to reflect, measure, and assess progress is by making time to think about it. Jessica Dewell and cohost Tanya Bourque discuss a Purposeful Yes.

Program 35 - Purposeful YesStarting the conversation…

  • Say YES with purpose Use personal values, company values, and the mission. Contribute for most impact.

Full Transcript Here Host: Jessica Dewell Cohost: Tanya Bourque

What You Will Hear:

Timeless, tried and true. How is what you are doing moving you toward your goal? Life roadmap - each project and obligation that take our time. Shiny objects and decisions and goals. For a leader - does each team member have their own goals written down? When only looking for grand slams, we miss the base hits (and those add up). Base hits are milestones. Explore ways to slow down. Filter for yes and no. It doesn’t always have to be an instantaneous response. Don’t use pro/con lists. A choice will be made, there will be a tradeoff. It may be hard. Steps to practice considering values and goals and requests. Practice makes it second nature. How to make a 4x6 card business plan (and how it originated).

Notable & Quotable:

Tanya Bourque: Am I contributing in the most effective way? Jessica Dewell: How big are the ripples of the work I’m doing and are they supportive of the goal? Jessica Dewell: If I didn’t have goals written down, the team can support each other to stay focused on the goals. Jessica Dewell: Set aside the busy. Jessica Dewell: Everything in my head got heard. Tanya Bourque: It doesn’t have to be yes or no. It can be ‘let me take a look and get back to you.’ Jessica Dewell: When I say yes to one thing, I say no to another. Am I ok to what I’m saying no to? Tanya Bourque: Know what we expect the end result to be.


  • Keep it Simple HTML book

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