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Bold Business Podcast

Mar 24, 2017

It’s easy to make situations more complicated than they really are…and it comes down to clarity. Clarity of our values and our preferences. These two things (values and preferences) remove extraneous information that we put the wrong amount of weight on. First and foremost, is __you fill in the blank__ worth while? Does it support our path? Is it something that gives us experience to move us toward our goals? Lots of questions to think about. Jessica Dewell hosts Don’t Give Up, Just Quit with co-host Stephanie Sims.

Program 42 - Don't Give Up, Just QuitStarting the conversation…

  • Attitudes (and emotions about) giving up vs quitting.
  • Justifications and stakeholder perspectives.
  • Is it ok to quit?

Host: Jessica Dewell Co-host: Stephanie Sims

What You Will Hear:

Does quit equate to failure? Right, wrong, and quitting. Equality (and respect) in relationships. We must know our personal values to make the best decisions for us. When we take things too personally. Delivering deliverables. To the detriment of everyone around us…we keep doing something that makes us crazy. Tips for how to plan for interactions and avoid avoidance by being busy. How to set expectations, and what to do when it seems like we’re too far down the path. Change with new information vs starting over because of doubt. Where our self worth and quitting intersect. Being our own advocate starts with boundaries. Values are the points we connect on, and shared meaning matters. When we are curious and watch how employees ‘show up’ reflect a leader’s leadership impact. Ambition and quitting. And, when processes are stifling. A single objective.

Notable & Quotable:

Stephanie Sims: What do we do to feel better [about a situation] where we have no power? Jessica Dewell: What path I am on, what path they are on, and when we realize they are no longer the same. Stephanie Sims: Evaluate the respect of our commitments and realizing we don’t receive an equal level of respect. Jessica Dewell: When we don’t have our values written down, we lack a filter to prioritize and evaluate situations. Stephanie Sims: We can allow our personal values impinge inside our company decisions, and it causes problems. Jessica Dewell: We all must network. And, we can plan how we want our interactions to go. Jessica Dewell: Preparation is a type of action. Stephanie Sims: There is a huge difference between a well targeted networking meeting to connect with people that are useful to you in your business and collecting business cards. Stephanie Sims: Everyone is different in how they make decisions is different. Processes and procedures give a framework to make decisions. Stephanie Sims: Fear can be mistaken for intuition. Jessica Dewell: We must be our own advocate. Jessica Dewell: When we are not strong in our values, quitting is the easy way out. Stephanie Sims: It requires a lot of self-esteem to manage to values. Jessica Dewell: Ambition is intertwined to our ability to connect to others. Stephanie Sims: Being bold is knowing [that to quit] is the right thing to do.


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