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Bold Business Podcast

Mar 31, 2017

There are standards and expectations, and even limiting beliefs that women hold on to in business. It’s easy to do enough, yet when we don’t get the results we want (when it gets hard) we must move into the uncomfortable. And, when we are feeling held back our reactions and motivations may be holding us back instead of lifting us up. This program is filled with candidness, tips, and practical advice to increase confidence. Jessica Dewell hosts panelists Susan Finch, Julie Thenell, and Tonya Dalhaus to discuss how to Build and Use Our Network.

Program 44 - How to Build (& USE) Your NetworkStarting the conversation…

  • How do you take care of your brand and build your network to create opportunities?
  • What are the innate strengths women have that when applied to our networks create impressive results?

Host: Jessica Dewell Panel: Susan Finch, Tonya Dalhaus, Julie Thenell

What You Will Hear:

Three important personal brand considerations. Where to look for opportunities. Be willing to talk to everyone out there. Tips and observations of behaviors that add to (or take away from) connecting to people. Relationship building using technology work every except when at in-person social interactions. Even with mentoring and training, there are strengths women bring to building our networks. Rapport talk vs report talk. Tame the mean girl. Tips to ask for what we want. What do you do to lead by example (or are drawn to when others lead by example)?

Notable & Quotable:

Julie Thenell: My brand is very personal. Susan Finch: It’s being thoughtful, making conscious decisions long term, and checking my motivations that build my brand. Tonya Dalhaus: Put your best foot forward. Tonya Dalhaus: People have connections that can get you connected to more people. Susan Finch: I never leave the house unless I’m willing to be photographed and appear on CNN. Tonya Dalhaus: Phones are not part of an in person social interaction. Julie Thenell: It takes practice to stand for what we believe in and present ourselves as confident business people. Tonya Dalhaus: Women need to tap into [Rapport Talk] and use that emotional connection to build relationship. Susan Finch: If you don’t like the results, change. Take responsibility for your piece in it. Jessica Dewell: Our lack of success is all in our own head. Jessica Dewell: I relish the ability to have candid coaching by the women (and men) I trust. Tonya Dalhaus: I ask for what I want. Julie Thenell: Be clear on what [we] are asking for. Susan Finch: Be direct and precise. Susan Finch: Its attractive when people take responsibility for their actions. Julie Thenell: Follow up. Tonya Dalhaus: Start with a smile.


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