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Bold Business Podcast

Nov 8, 2016

When actions are out of line with values, there is dissonance. That friction we experience defines how we view a person, a situation…even ourself. Understanding what we mean when we use the words respect and self respect give us clues about how we evaluate others. What about ourself though? In this world where everything goes so fast, its easy to forget to check in with ourself. A personal reflection, a check in, is important to understand how we are responding to situations…and how others respond to us. On this program, leaders discuss how do you earn your own respect?

Earn your own respect.Starting the conversation...

  • We run, act, and respond so fast that sometimes we don’t check in with ourselves.
  • Definition of self respect and respect.
  • How do you earn your own respect?

Transcript for How Do You Earn Your Own Respect?

Host: Jessica Dewell  

Panel: Joel Dawson, Tanya Bourque

What You Will Hear:

The answers to the question How do you earn your own respect?

What it’s like when we lose confidence, and how to get it back.

Personal stories, how it felt and looking back at it.

There could be more than one right answer.

Loss is part of life. It’s through loss we learn our values.

Difficult situations might affect our personal identity.

Take a step back from reaction and look a little closer.

Comfortable can be useful - it’s safe. Growth doesn’t happen there.

Circle of influence is where we get our needs met.

The (incorrect association of the) interplay of taking advice vs being accepted.

Being pulled toward something different and facing resistance.

Facing the fears of doing something new, different, and what we are called to do.

Facing what happens even if it is extremely different than the plan/vision.

Goal Setting experiences and processes.

Respect in teams and knowing the strengths and weaknesses to support each other.

Skills necessary to be a leader that has respect.

Steps to Listening, empathy, observation.

Notable & Quotable

Tanya Bourque: The moment we act different than our values we lose respect for ourself.

Joel Dawson: You can’t just snap your fingers and have self-respect.

Jessica Dewell: It starts with a really good question.

Joel Dawson: I must pick myself up by my bootstraps and keep going.

Tanya Bourque: [An opportunity may] look like it is going to be good, but we don’t dig in to see if the align with our values.

Joel Dawson: Circle of influence is where we get our needs met.

Joel Dawson: I was not looking for advice, I was looking for acceptance and love.

Jessica Dewell: Sometimes I’m right, and so is the other person. We have different experiences.

Tanya Bourque: I come from a family of entrepreneurs.

Joel Dawson: I focus on what will go right.

Jessica Dewell: Uncomfortableness and pain is where the stretch is for our growth. It’s what gives us our self respect.

Tanya Bourque: I set a goal that meets the criteria for the program, the task, and does it align to the program.

Joel Dawson: Active listening is taking the time to understand - listen with your eyes.

Tanya Bourque: Influencing the team to work together and make the right decisions.


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