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Bold Business Podcast

Nov 11, 2016

The WORST thing for us, as leaders, is when the way we think limits our achievement. Self talk gets in the way…of everything. Productivity, growth and overall effectiveness decrease. Rejuvenation in this discussion is not self-care. Rejuvenation is the ability to look at the past, choose what’s useful and what lessons can be leverages and charge forward. Find out how connected the way we think and the way we use past experience can be holding us back.

Starting the conversation...

  • We're trying to figure it out, and when we don't rejuvenate everyone around is affected.
  • Define rejuvenation and growth.

Host: Jessica Dewell Co-host: Les Dossey

What You Will Hear:

Being grounded in our workspace.

Working meaning of rejuvenate for our conversation.

Move through experiences and use the best things.

Definition of Rejuvenation: use experience (good and bad) to move forward.

Seasons rejuvenate the earth.

What we do today is based on our brain power, which is ageless.

By being able to figure things out we can accomplish a lot.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right." Henry Ford

4 Things that have value, and use for the future.

How we use experience to make better decisions.

Define Useful and how usefulness and motivation interrelate.

Unwritten agreements about how work gets done.

Capabilities and happiness and fulfillment.

When we don't get to choose who we work with...and we are all on the same team.

Build relationships - a necessary skill.

Clean thinking and keep learning.

Archilochus: "We don't rise to the level of our expectations we fall to the level of our training."

Help others (solve their problems, and guiding them to solve their own).

There is more than one way to figure things out.

4 Steps to solve a problem.

Business and personal growth - we define it, starting with freedom.

Notable & Quotable

Les Dossey: I break away from tradition.

Les Dossey: I challenge that wounds never heal and I have to suffer the rest of my life.

Jessica Dewell: Acceptance of what we are now, recognizing where we came from, is the platform for where we live.

Jessica Dewell: The path my parents told me isn't going to work for me. Now what?

Les Dossey: Relationships that influence you in a positive way also challenge our assumptions. 

Jessica Dewell: Face the fear that the relationships we have may not be right.

Les Dossey: Let me take responsibility for what I didn't do to set this up property.

Jessica Dewell: Use lessons to make different choices in the future.

Jessica Dewell: Our capabilities are our competitive advantage and have a concrete value.

Les Dossey: Being useful to others is the key to happiness.

Les Dossey: We need an awakening in our country that education doesn't stop when we finish school.

Les Dossey: We need to be intentional about keeping our thinking clean.

Jessica Dewell: The quickest way to feel useful is to help another solve their problem.

Jessica Dewell: I kept my mouth shut.

Les Dossey: The kid is not the experiment, life is the experiment. The kid is the scientist!

Jessica Dewell: Freedom is having a choice.

Les Dossey: Freedom is access to resourcefulness.


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