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Bold Business Podcast

Aug 26, 2021

How you spend your time sends a message to the rest of the organization. Intentionally taking time to reflect, assess, and evaluate where your company has been and where it is going creates clarity for what is truly a priority. Making sure priorities are aligned to strategic initiatives requires discipline. That discipline reflects in the one thing we all have in common: 24 hours in a day. A Present Retreat is protected time that one of the elements crucial to leading your company to success. Jess Dewell welcomes Kurian M. Tharakan, Founder at StrategyPeak Sales and Marketing; Maceo Jourdan, Founder at Canexxia; and Myoshia Boykin-Anderson, CEO AndTech Solutions; they share insights and experiences about how to make better decisions by protecting time to be intentional about working on their businesses.