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Bold Business Podcast

May 9, 2024

Forget viral. Forget overnight success. Forget shortcuts. Are you willing to live in a tent to chase your dreams? 

The startup failure rate is staggering. A fundamental quality for success is the readiness to acknowledge and embrace your weaknesses as you shape your vision, build a team, and engage in the right work.  Curiosity and, importantly, clear communication are also vital to this process. Even when it feels like you're repeating yourself, it's crucial to find the mantra for your vision, ensuring others understand and join you on your journey.

In this episode, you will hear details about what is really in your control, how life is a pitch, and that even when surrounded by ambiguity, you must take the next step. 

Jess Dewell candidly talks with Robert Herr, CEO of The Empower Project, about his insights on passion, determination, and the hidden costs of building a business and achieving one's dreams.



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