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Bold Business Podcast

May 16, 2024

Imagine being able to achieve anything you set your mind to, not because you have more hours in the day but because you use the ones you have more effectively. That’s what this It’s Your Business program covers.

We all experience moments of stress and unproductivity, but these can be significantly reduced, or even eliminated, when you transform your relationship with time. By understanding what you can truly control and reframing the pressures around productivity, you can revolutionize the way you use your time. This could mean saving time, finding time, or even manipulating time by making strategic decisions within its constraints.

In this program, you will hear about the true cost of poor time management, learn strategies to enhance your effectiveness by embracing constraints and discover the untapped creativity that can be unleashed by reframing your perspective of time.

Quentin Ortega, Founder and Lead Consultant at QCO Consulting; Christy Maxfield, President and CEO at Purpose First Advisors; and your host Jess Dewell, Managing Partner at Red Direction, discuss accountability and how consistent action is THE factor in achieving your biggest goals.


Are you looking to achieve your long-term growth goals with ease? If so, consider the Business Base Camp Consultation. This unique program is designed to help business owners like you make informed decisions and take the next best step for your business. With a personalized workflow, you will be able to work more strategically on your business and achieve the results you desire.


You can get in touch with Jess Dewell on TwitterLinkedIn or the Red Direction website.