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Bold Business Podcast

Apr 6, 2023

Strategically looking forward shows what opportunities, goals, and problems make the most sense to focus on. Results from the time and energy spent working to deliver your product directly relate to your commitment to choosing the following best action to move the business forward.

Prioritizing high-value activities that were thoughtfully selected through a lens of curiosity create a firm boundary — one in which you know how many initiatives you can realistically work on at any given time. It takes commitment to dedicate uninterrupted time to evaluate where your company is right now. And from that place of reality, solving problems and striving for goals will help you build a company that thrives and has longevity.

In this episode, you will hear how long it takes to know you are committing to the next best goal, problem, or initiative to achieve your long-term goals. The discussion covers tips and experiences about prioritizing, building a commitment to take the time, and traps that may crop up along your journey. Jess Dewell hosts Christy Maxfield, President at Purpose First Advisors; Brandi Olson, CEO at Real Work Done; and Debra Eckerling, Goal Strategist, Author & Workshop Leader, to discuss why it is BOLD to commit time to strategic thinking, planning and business problem-solving.


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