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Bold Business Podcast

Mar 21, 2024

Leading your team requires a variation of the skills you’ve developed to lead yourself. Communication becomes exponentially important — not only to create expectations about how to do the work, but also to celebrate success and meet each person where they are at (i.e., so they understand their goals align with the company’s). Tim Fortescue, Founder at 40 Watt Coaching, talks about knowing what you will do to achieve your goals — and helping your team do the same.

Reflection is often undervalued as a tool for moving forward, and is essential to avoid backtracking or pivoting as new information and results become known. It is necessary to celebrate wins along the way, too — and reflection builds in the time and opportunity to identify wins. Small wins build momentum, reinforce the way you work in your company, and deepen relationships through shared success. 


In this program, you will hear how to discover and plan for your grandest ideas by planting seeds for the future, knowing your performance levers, and persevering when it gets difficult. Jess Dewell talks with Tim Fortescue, Founder of 40 Watt Coaching, about taking the time to really know yourself and what you want to do.




If you want to identify business bottlenecks, the necessary skills, the initial actions to take, the expected milestones, and the priorities for achieving growth, try the "Growth Framework Reset" approach. This will help you to keep learning and growing while working strategically on your business.


You can get in touch with Jess Dewell on TwitterLinkedIn or Red Direction website.