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Bold Business Podcast

Dec 14, 2023

Discover the power of intentional sabbaticals in designing your company's next level of growth. Release yourself from stress and break free from what has been holding you back. Innovation requires stepping outside of our comfort zones and embracing new perspectives. Letting go allows us to see possibilities and opportunities we may have never imagined. 


During a conversation with Jess Dewell, Tobin Lehman, President at New North shared his sabbatical experience. He discussed the steps he took to plan and prepare for his time away and how he trusted his team to handle things in his absence. 


Tobin also talked about the purpose behind his decision, how he gained valuable insights about himself, and what his team learned about their needs in his absence. He emphasized the importance of taking time to reflect and assess opportunities and how he plans to be strategic about doing so in the future.


If you want to identify business bottlenecks, the necessary skills, the initial actions to take, the expected milestones, and the priorities for achieving growth, try the "Growth Framework Reset" approach. This will help you keep learning and growing while working strategically on your business.


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