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Bold Business Podcast

Nov 16, 2023

The energy you bring determines your success. And then putting intentional effort into the 4 Cs, your self-care, and the ability to communicate creates your generative mindset to risk taking the next step. 


Consistency sounds easy, and it is - at first. What makes it hard is the lack of certain results within a...

Nov 2, 2023

What’s your organization’s mantra? Can you see the understanding of this driving focus in the way your company makes decisions, its presentation in the marketplace, and the way the team does work? Both software and hardware technologies (including robotics and drones) are opportunities for your organization...

Oct 19, 2023

Formalized or not, we all seek points of view (maybe even validation) to check ourselves. Being on the right track, getting results, and making the best decisions are weighty responsibilities. By default, it is commonly thought that confidence comes from knowledge. In actuality, confidence comes from being tuned in. 


Oct 5, 2023

The high performance begins with you. Putting a priority on getting to know yourself and reflecting (on failures and successes) allows you to choose what learning you consciously want to take forward. 

The intersection of what makes you unique, the impact you want to make, and what drives you are the critical elements...

Sep 21, 2023

Your business plan is a tool to know what not to do. This dynamic tool allows you to include core information about how you do your work, your company's impact, and what opportunities are the right ones to pursue. 

Finding winfinity (win-win-win) is possible by shifting the lens you look through. Whether internal growth...