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Bold Business Podcast

Jan 20, 2017

We’re always assessing what add-value means to us. And once we know what it means to us, we know how to bring it to our position at work, to model it for others, to build in the expectation of value with each action we choose to take. Because, in the end - it's a choice.

Program 23 - What does 'add value' mean to you?Starting the conversation...

  • What does 'add value' mean to you?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Jason Wiesgerber, Lori Anding



What You Will Hear:

So many choices of the same …. mean that we aren’t reaching the people that need us.

Each of us has value, and we have something to add value to each interaction.

A business has its own values - so people can own their own values that the business also has.

Values are part of our choices. What we accept when pushed to do ‘more’?

Connections can run deep, if we make an effort.

What do we do when we don’t connect with the ‘value’?

Established businesses, ice cream, and perceived value.

Serve the people that we have a solution for.

Departments talk to each other so that the message lines up with what is being promised.

Connect actions to words. Recognize when disconnect is happening.

Invite feedback with respect to chain of command.

Impact may not be in ideas, it may be in filling the role we were brought in to fill.

What earned value is.

Notable & Quotable:

Lori Anding: We have so many choices. There must be differences.

Jason Weisgerber: Enoughness is what makes you personally value. Your inherent value.

Jessica Dewell: A business brings many people together.

Lori Anding: When there is love in what is made, there is a vibe that you can feel.

Jessica Dewell: Sometimes it’s hard to walk away.

Jason Weisgerber: Amazed at how many people shifted their core identity around cost value.

Jason Weisgerber: This product may not be for you.

Jessica Dewell: Invite feedback. Ask questions.

Lori Anding: In meetings, everyone has a say. Leadership can come from lowest to highest position.

Lori Anding: Everyone has an idea of how to add value.

Jessica Dewell: Avoid the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Pick one idea and follow it through to the end.


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