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Bold Business Podcast

Jan 20, 2017

Learning new skills and practicing them to gain personal confidence in our abilities at work as well as our hobbies stretches our brain. We step into and fly with the uncomfortableness of being a beginner again. And the big myth is that we are a beginner again. We are not. We bring everything we have already learned to each new skill we want to develop. So, what is the secret to developing new skills? Ivana Taylor, Marilyn Shannon, and Angela Hermans explore this with Jessica Dewell on this Voice of Bold Business Radio Leader’s Discuss program.

Build Confidence in New SkillsStarting the Conversation….

  • Myth of learning new skills: we don’t start over.
  • Grow when uncomfortable.
  • What’s the secret to learning new skills?

Host: Jessica Dewell Panel: Ivana Taylor, Angela Hemans, Marilyn Shannon

What You Will Hear:

Two books that approach learning and experiencing with curiosity.

Incremental improvement - do the work and take action to move forward.

An awareness to surround ourself with people and things to develop skills.

After deciding you have a skill you want to learn, take this first step.

Ask a question. Is it a skill I want to learn, if yes, research. Be ok with stumbles.

Tips for acknowledge ourself along the learning path.

Accountability and Responsibility are not interchangeable. We define the difference.

Recognize we are stuck in being comfortable & tips to change.

Evaluate our network to know who we can help us here and now.

Notable and Quotable:

Ivana Taylor: Go out [to the world] with curiosity. Explore, experiment, and examine.

Marilyn Shannon: We choose how to measure [skill development], we are the scale.

Angela Hemans: Have a system to battle the uncomfortable and do it. Prove it to ourself first.

Jessica Dewell: Step into and fly with the uncomfortableness of being a beginner again.

Marilyn Shannon: Every time I learn something, a seed is planted in me.

Ivana Taylor: Give yourself permission to fumble and fail.

Angela Hemans: We don’t wake up and be an expert, give ourself time.

Angela Hemans: Responsible can mean letting something go.

Jessica Dewell: I am accountable for what happened from my actions (in the past). I own it.

Marilyn Shannon: There is nothing wrong with being comfortable. Sometimes it’s perfect to just be here on earth.

Ivana Taylor: Get comfortable by stopping. Then go again. Then be comfortable. Repeat.

Angela Hemans: Sometimes our community finds us.

Ivana Taylor: Put out a clear invitation for exactly what you want.

Marilyn Shannon: Be the friend you want to be in the world.


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