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Bold Business Podcast

Jan 27, 2017

Don’t fall into this trap: Reliable and INCOMPLETE information. When we have trusted avenues to find information, we become comfortable with them. The more comfort we have the bolder we become. The bolder we become the more we might think we don’t need to seek out corroborating data. And we wonder why we were blind sided by a problem or encounter problem after problem. This Leaders Discuss program with Tom Rhodes and Mani St. Victor hosted by Jessica Dewell asks the question: Where do you find unusual and reliable information?

Program 26 - Unusual And Reliable InformationStarting The Conversation…

  • Comfortable and trusted limit perspective (and may not be credible for everything we go to them for).
  • Where do you find unusual AND reliable information?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Tom Rhodes, Mani St. Victor

What You Will Hear:

Where Tom and Mani find unusual information

Skills needed to discover (and trust) what data is needed.

What honest open feedback looks and feels like.

Know what are opinions and what are facts…and know the problem being solved.

Feedback loops pros and cons. (Hint: start with questions and admit mistakes.)

Lead by being present by designing the environment, formality, continuously.

Most important tips to evaluate and build useful feedback loops.

Accountability by communicating and acting on feedback.

Social Media as a tool to facilitate conversation vs the actual mode  of communication.

Staying connected and touching base … consistently.

Developing people to know what they want and find out if it’s what the company requires too.

Create awareness for learning - give the power to act and see results.

Stories of feedback that we received which caused action at the time and shaped who we are today.

Notable & Quotable:

Tom Rhodes: If you don’t ask for honest and real information you won’t get it and can’t service people on the front line.

Mani St. Victor: Never stop with the first set of results.

Jessica Dewell: Confirmation I don’t know what I don’t know.

Jessica Dewell: As amazing as Google and social media is, I still use books.

Tom Rhodes: Open the door by asking a lot of questions.

Mani St. Victor: First response to feedback is an emotional one, so look past that.

Jessica Dewell: When we are accountable for the feedback we get, we have to use the feedback we receive.

Tom Rhodes: What we observe in our employees may have nothing to do with business.

Mani St. Victor: Social media provides a way to learn more about people.

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