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Bold Business Podcast

Jan 31, 2017

Every email, every phone call, every meeting…every interaction you choose to have. When we are not all in, when our mind is somewhere else - the people around us know. As a society we shrug it off, but it’s a missed opportunity. It’s a missed connection. We lost a bit of credibility (not being in the meeting with them). We lost a bit of influence (we didn’t value their time). We lost a bit of relationship (they may not think they can count on us). Today’s Leaders Discuss program hosted by Jessica Dewell features Geoffrey X Lane, Keri Jaehnig, and Ande Lyons talking about How to show up.

Program 27 - Show Up, Already! Starting The Conversation…

  • Every email answered, every phone call picked up, every meeting attended… we chose.
  • How do you know when you are interacting with someone and they are not showing up?

Host: Jessica Dewell

Panel: Geoffrey X Lane, Keri Jaehnig, Ande Lyons

What You Will Hear:

What not showing up looks like and feels like.

Overused words of transparency and authenticity - what they really mean.

How we show up is tied to our personal conditioning.

Take our experience and can we step into the roles we choose.

Set of skills we must learn and develop to fill the role of leader.

Confidence is a practicable skill.

Honesty is a skill and a value.

There is a fine line between skills and values - can they be both?

How showing up relates to our personal experience.

The stream of interruptions and how interruptions are handled (and planned for).

Books for building skills to show up.

What the telltale signs are to not showing up.

Tips to shift and get attention back on the interaction.

Notable & Quotable:

Keri Jaehnig: Can you feel the vibe?

Ande Lyons: It’s a leadership role - to keep people engaged.

Geoffrey X Lane: When pressure to show up, it’s easy to go into our shell - what the other person wants us to be.

Ande Lyons: It takes a lot of inner work to show up in a way that’s meaningful.

Keri Jaehnig: It takes confidence in who we are to let people react to us.

Geoffrey X Lane: When a business only speaks to the business, the dollar becomes most important.

Jessica Dewell: I can learn a new skill by taking steps to understand how to do it - to make it second nature.

Jessica Dewell: Practicing skills amplify our innate strengths, find our suppressed skills, and add the skills we want.

Andy Lyons: We are whole as children, then life happens - and we are in repair.

Keri Jaehnig: Our society has conditioned us to STOP showing up. Every person is responsible for themselves and the results.

Keri Jaehnig: Sometimes showing up can be dangerous - from our own experiences.

Geoffrey X Lane: I decide what distractions are and prevent them so I fully show up.

Ande Lyons: Set up boundaries ahead of time.

Jessica Dewell: I use ThinkTime to do what the business needs - things that have otherwise would be set aside for lack of time that have concrete results.

Geoffrey X Lane: Know personalities - pre-business to figure out if there is a value match.

Keri Jaehnig: Sometimes ask a shocking question to get them back in the moment. Be a good steward of the conversation.

Ande Lyons: Consider the constraints, and forced to work with people that aren’t in complete alignment with. That’s ok.  We can still work together.


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