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Bold Business Podcast

Feb 21, 2017

Responsiveness directly correlates to long term strategy and success. Adaptiveness is about being present in the moment and adjusting to what is. Action is the core. We act, and then we can plan (responsiveness). The more of those things we have (preparation, knowledge, and understanding) the easier it can be to adapt. Jessica Dewell hosts Carmen Rojas and Iva Ignjatovic are this programs Leaders Discuss panel. They answer and discuss: How do you prepare for unexpected problems out of your control and plan to be adaptable?

Program 33 - Unexpected & AdaptableStarting the conversation…

  • Responsiveness versus Adaptiveness.
  • How do you prepare for unexpected problems out of your control and plan to be adaptable?

Host:  Jessica Dewell

Panel:  Carmen RojasIva Ignjatovic

What You Will Hear:

Move in smaller steps.

Know where problems are likely to occur.

Time and money are known constraints.

The illusion of control.

Mistakes will happen. Adjustments or refinements are to be expected.

Cost of the action we choose.

Tips for being adaptable.

Stop, look, and listen. Then choose.

When we don’t want to make a choice.

How our strengths fit it.

The point when we choose to react or respond and our emotions.

90% of things that happen us do not need an immediate response. A step back is a way to see the whole situation.

Skills take practice to develop.

Course corrections require communication and awareness to bring everyone along.

Slow down - look a few steps ahead.

There is a path of fast enough and too fast - find it to minimize mistakes.

Steps to build an effective plan and THE skill to do it well.

Knowing ourself will allow us to build plans that use our strengths.

Notable & Quotable:

Carmen Rojas: Little is predictable.

Iva Ignjatovic: Accept that its likely that something will go wrong.

Jessica Dewell: When we know where we are going, it is possible to build a workable and achievable plan.

Carmen Rojas: I have to model what I expect of others.

Iva Ignjatovic: I may stumble but I won’t give up.

Jessica Dewell: Responsiveness is long term. Adaptability is in the moment.

Iva Ignjatovic: More than just being fast. It’s about choosing the optimal option.

Carmen Rojas: I choose to react or respond to a situation.

Jessica Dewell: When we want a new habit, practicing the action can’t be overwhelming.

Carmen Rojas: When I email angry, that comes across, even when I use the same words as when I’m calm.

Jessica Dewell: Our emotions play a role whether we recognize it or not.

Carmen Rojas: It’s more important to give the correct response and not the first response.

Iva Ignjatovic: When it comes to social media companies can be too slow is a mistake and too fast mistakes are made.

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