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Bold Business Podcast

Nov 16, 2023

The energy you bring determines your success. And then putting intentional effort into the 4 Cs, your self-care, and the ability to communicate creates your generative mindset to risk taking the next step. 


Consistency sounds easy, and it is - at first. What makes it hard is the lack of certain results within a certain time, comparing yourself to others, and even surrounding yourself with the wrong people. Do yourself a favor and be thoughtful about the market and product you will offer, and then commit to it. Learn, act, evaluate results, adjust — and then repeat. 


In this program, you will hear the 4 Cs of success, 4 things to build credibility (and a community), and 4 questions to pick the right market for your product. Jess Dewell talks candidly with Lloyed Lobo, Boast.AI & Traction | From Grassroots to Greatness, about having an energized state of mind and confidently taking the risk of betting on you and your success. 



If you want to identify business bottlenecks, the necessary skills, the initial actions to take, the expected milestones, and the priorities for achieving growth, try the "Growth Framework Reset" approach. This will help you keep learning and growing while working strategically on your business.


You can get in touch with Jess Dewell on TwitterLinkedIn or Red Direction website.