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Voice of Bold Business Radio

Jul 17, 2018

We talk so much about and show ourselves off that we might have a skewed view of what people actually perceive. The importance of closing that gap and intentionally setting a perception starts with a willingness to look reflectively … at ourselves. To try new things. To be challenged and face risk. Jess Dewell talks...

Jul 13, 2018

We are in this to be our best. To work well. To adapt and build personal (and business) resilience. Since we learn from each other, let’s use that connection. Jess Dewell hosts panelists Allen Bridgeforth and Andrew Jenkins to discuss how to be better leaders.

Jun 29, 2018

Everyone of us has things we value, whether we’ve articulated them (or not). It’s when we recognize what we value and how we demonstrate what’s important to us that we can clean up our act. We get more productive. We get more clear. We have more confidence to make ambiguous decisions. Risk, knowledge,...

Jun 26, 2018

Presentations involve more than just a stage. Even when we consider ourselves in a behind-the-scenes role, people see us. Regardless of how busy those around us seem, they remember impressions of us. Since people use their impressions to make split-second decisions, being different as well as compelling contributes to...