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Bold Business Podcast

May 26, 2022

Those who talk about success always being “forward-looking” are missing a key element to achievement: reflection. Time, and how you use time, sets the stage for what you can do. 

In this Uncharted episode, Jess Dewell talks with Jürgen Strauss, Founder at Innovabiz, about doing exemplary work and having fun. You...

May 19, 2022

With attention to the details that make up your unique selling proposition and how your company works, the organization can successfully adapt and thrive through the external and internal ups and downs all businesses navigate. 


However, reaching the next level of business growth brings new challenges. Deciding how to...

May 12, 2022

Success today is a consistent but imperfect action that needs to be used to learn, adjust, and keep going. Such perseverance requires confidence because it requires courage, patience, creativity, and a lot of grace mixed with fun.

There will always be situations out of your control. That is why you must navigate them to...

May 5, 2022

The quickest way to resolve a problem is to know what the problem REALLY is. Decision-making always sounds easy, but in practice can be difficult to peel back the layers of what you think. 

In this episode of BOLD Business Podcast, you will hear tips to discover your customers’ genuine problems, how to operationalize...