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Bold Business Podcast

Mar 28, 2024

Adapt! Change! Evolve! These are the three things necessary to create a lasting business. The fuel for success is determining your business purpose — that as the company develops and evolves, it continues to be fulfilling even as customers and technologies change. 


The insight that reflection brings is...

Mar 21, 2024

Leading your team requires a variation of the skills you’ve developed to lead yourself. Communication becomes exponentially important — not only to create expectations about how to do the work, but also to celebrate success and meet each person where they are at (i.e., so they understand their goals align with the...

Mar 7, 2024

It is important to understand the fundamentals of accounting to be able to make good business decisions. This includes having an outside set of eyes that are honed from the manner in which technology is changing the way CPAs work. 


Data is necessary to know where you’ve been so you can make the most informed...