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Bold Business Podcast

Dec 9, 2016

Technology has changed our interaction with customers, what we expect to be able to do - to do our job well, and even stay connected to work after work. But when we aren’t happy doing our work, what then? Do you or someone you know resonate with one of these 5 lies we tell ourselves to stay in a job? Recognizing the lie is the first step. Then, evaluate the situation with this lens and decide what’s best for your life right now.

Program 15 - 5 Lies we Tell Ourselves To Stay In A JobStarting the conversation...

  • What if we struggle with what to do (or not) many times throughout the day?
  • Being able to connect what we do to success in our role, achieving department goals, and even setting the stage for our own advancement…it’s up to us.

Host: Jessica Dewell    Co-host: Tanya Bourque


What You Will Hear:

Get noticed. Lie #1: Someone will notice my hard work without me saying anything?

Culture includes promotion practices, budgets. Lack of communication, or lack of asking for more information.

Exploring our own observations and avoidances…and we talk about speaking up on our own behalf.

The first question - after deciding to leave.

Money (salary) used as a stop gap trains our people look at compensation directly related to their contribution.

Tips to speak up.

Observe unwritten agreements.

Get Promoted. Lie #2: I will get promoted because I’ve put in my time.

Understand who you need to know, the higher in the organization the less spots there are.

Circles vs pyramids. Transparency.

Myth that everyone wants to be at the top.

Our role and the delivery of the product; our role and our motivation. Burnout. Lie #3: It will get better.

Physical results of stress in the workplace. Shifts in how people think and what they want.

Subjectiveness of what SUCCESSFUL means.

Perspective - what someone sees is different than why we might take on too much.

What are the boundaries, and if you keep them.

We all have 24 hours in a day. What we say yes to means we say no to something else.

Revisit commitments for clarity - on both sides.

Lie #4: It’s the same everywhere else.

Time off matters. Take breaks and vacation.

We take our baggage with us to a new position.

Know your people, the level of over work and underwork. Recognize and develop.

Ask questions … start with How’s it going?

Develop people: know strengths and weaknesses of each person on the team.

Money. Lie #5: I need the money, or the money is too good.

Prepare for unexpected unemployment.

Know people outside of work.

Prioritize what’s important for work and family.

Notable & Quotable:

Jessica Dewell: Some reality tv builds skills that can be used to change our life going forward.

Jessica Dewell: What we surround ourselves with will be how we look at our world.

Tanya Bourque: The base is survival mode: I need this job, this money to eat and have a place to sleep.

Jessica Dewell: Speak up for your accomplishments when you do the work.

Tanya Bourque: You don’t know what you are worth until you walk out the door.

Jessica Dewell: It’s up to me to decide what I want.

Tanya Bourque: Keep your own track record up to date.

Jessica Dewell: Companies are designed to deliver a product and make a profit.

Tanya Bourque: Forego titles and focus on financial rewards.

Jessica Dewell: Profit shows a business is healthy.

Jessica Dewell: There is a gap between profit and fulfillment in companies.

Tanya Bourque: Employee owned companies give their employees equity.

Jessica Dewell: Help only if you can make an impact.

Tanya Bourque: Know your limits.

Jessica Dewell: We have more support than we think we do.

Tanya Bourque: I want value for my career.


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